Zalf Gemaakt workshops can also be carried out in english. 


Who are we? 

I'm Teri Lynn van de Beek-Baker, wife and mother of four young kids.  Over the last few years I have become more aware of many potentially toxic chemicals that we have in the house.  One of my priorities as a mother is to find natural ways to support our family's health and wellness, specifically with the use of essential oils.  After two years of experimenting, I am certain that the use of essential oils have made our home and family healthier.  Of course we still get sick, but the frequency and severity have both decreased significantly in the last two years.  I have built up a recipe book and a cupboard full of ingredients that I use to make my own zalves, wellness-supporting oil mixes, and cleaning products.  I make deodorant, hand creams, ear pain oils, hormone-balancing oils, immune system support oils, sunscreen, bathrooms scrub, disinfectant spray, lip balm, and the list is growing (next in line are hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and hand sanitizer spray).  My goals are to promote and support wellness in our family (by addressing small health issues before they grow into big issues), and decrease the toxic load.  This, by making products that are effective and convenient to use, without breaking the bank.


Why homemade products?

- They are 100% natural (or at least you have control of how natural they are)  

- You can decide how strong or weak to make your products (for effectiveness and safety.)

- You can completely personalize them, choosing the consistency, ingredients, and scent and health targets.

- With homemade cleaning products, I am not worried to let my kids (including my two-year-old) help clean.  What kid doesn't love cleaning with the real supplies?

- When putting cream on a young child, you never know what they might end up getting in their mouth.

- One product can serve several purposes.  For example, the oils (the working ingredient) in the disinfecting spray also have anti-viral properties, and can actually support your health, while disinfecting your home.  The oils in a handcream can be chosen to support a certain body system or to target a specific issue.

- With a few oils or products in your house, you can treat a lot of things.  For example, lavender oil is good for a general hand cream, but it can also help support healing in small cuts and bruises, and be relaxing.  If you don't have your "headache oil" close by, try your "earache oil" or "relaxing oil"... it just might help your headache too (it has for me :))


Why a Zalf Gemaakt workshop?

- It's a great way to test out essential oils, or try making your own products, without needing to purchase entire tins or bottles of the oils or ingredients.  See if you like it before you start building up your own inventory.

- The best way to topically use essential oils is by diluting them first.  This makes the oils more effective (because they don't evaporate as quickly), dilution makes the oils last longer (because you use less at once), and it's safer (especially for use with kids).  Diluting essential oils always takes a bit of time and thinking, plus a few other ingredients, like a carrier oil, and packaging to store it; otherwise you use a bit, and throw the rest away after one use.  Having "ready to use" oils saves time, hassle and money.

- You have essential oils, but don't know how to make good use of them?  I've got lots of ideas!

- Making your own products takes time and preparation.  I have done all the preparation for you- all you need to do is show up, and decide what you like best!  All of this, in the company of friends!  An evening out, going home with some personalized, natural products of your choice.



The basic ingredients that are available at every workshop are: coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, baking soda, tapioca powder, beeswax, and at least 30 pure essential oils.  Other ingredients that are available are: arnica, rosehip, jojoba, non-nano zink oxide, bentonite clay, magnesium chloride, epsom salts, castille soap... the list goes on, and continues to grow.  If you have questions about certain ingredients, feel free to contact me!


Some of my favourite products that can be made are: sunscreen, hand zalve, deodorant, ear support oil, hormone balancing oil, disinfecting spray, bathroom soft scrub, lip balm... it's hard to choose a few favourites, but these are the ones I use most frequently.


Essential oils

Essential oils are drawn out of plants by cold-pressing or distillation.  (Check here for a brief, simple explanation of essential oils.)  They are the part that carries the scent of the plant, and they have many possible health benefits.  Essential oils are often used in one or more of the following 3 ways: aromatically (in a diffuser or spray bottle), topically (applied on the skin) or ingested.  At Zalf Gemaakt, we focus on the topical use of diluted essential oils.  We also use certain characteristics of some essential oils (such as anti-septic or disinfecting) in products to replace other household chemicals.  *Essential oils do not replace medicine.  Anyone that takes medicine, has health issues, is pregnant or breastfeeding, should contact their doctor before using essential oils.*



A workshop is arranged by a host.  The host helps facilitate the evening, and pays a €10 administration fee.  In exchange for this, the host may participate in the workshop, and make two products as well.  The host arranges for 4-8 participants (host included), a comfortable space where the participants can sit, a large empty table, and a stovetop (for example, a kitchen, kitchen table and living room).  The host books the date, and communicates details (date, time, cost) with the guests.  The host pays for travel costs, if applicable (or arranges for this to be split between the guests).  The host provides drinks and a treat for the guests.


Book a Workshop

A workshop starts with a short explanation about how to make your own products, safety and essential oils, as well as a bit of my experience.  The guests then have access to my information, recipes and oils.  Each guest can choose which products and recipes they want to make, and can choose which oils they want to incorporate into their products.  During the last part of the workshop, participants make their products of choice.


Click here to see the dutch listing of workshops, or to contact me with questions or to book a workshop.